Grow Canada

Overall theme – Grow Canada by making it a manufacturing/research and emerging technologies hub.

This approach creates self-sufficiency, Canada will own its own supply chains, improving national security, optimizing cost structure, creating a highly-skilled workforce, and in fact sets up export potential.  Canada is rich with tremendous natural resources; Self-sufficiency must be our objective from the lessons we must learn from the COVID 19 crisis.  Canada has been presented with a rare opportunity that it must not let go to waste as it will enhance our position as a global leader.

Some of the topics include but are not limited to:

1- Raw Materials- Canada Exports.  Recently Canadians discovered that we provide raw materials for 3M in the USA.  Canada in return buying N95 masks from them.  US Government decided to ban the supply of masks to Canada.  Canada has extensive trade with the USA.  We may not have been so lucky if another country with whom we have no leverage had taken that action.  This research is not for political reasons but rather to understand what raw materials are being shipped out of Canada, and what finished products we are buying back.   The intent here is to enquire whether Canada has the ability to produce those products here.  If it does not can it be developed in order to create jobs in Canada using state of the art technology that not only meet Canadian demands but supply other countries?  This has the potential to create many high paying jobs.

2- Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics- motivation to “Made in Canada”.   This research would pick up from above.  This has many stakeholders and benefits of the study could be of immense value to the industry and Canada

3- Cryptography – the backbone to Cyber-security, our elected Emerging Technology

4- Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning a vital tool to underpin/feed all other Emerging Technologies

5- Data Analyticsa disruptive alternative for Marketing and Advertisement. The marketing approach will change to target their customers and build loyalty.  Data plays a significant role in all aspects of the business, security, and privacy.

6- Cyber-security Law – impact on Privacy / Security

7- Outsourcing to Canada.  Can this be done cost-effectively, securely, and minimize the challenges that outsourcing overseas brings to Canadians and Canadian Organizations?  The concept of outsourcing of critical infrastructure would remain, but the location, oversight, and security would change to Canada, “Technology Park” so to speak, which has been done in other countries.

8-Blockchain – research how blockchain can be effectively be applied in manufacturing, banking, service industry, health, etc., and provide shared services at reduced costs, security, and privacy for Canadians and by Canadians for potential export as appropriate.

A lot of details will get flushed and some of the subjects will change as higher priority projects are identified.

We invite anyone who can either lead (has experience) or would like to participate in various research topics to send me an email at and we will get in touch with you.  Please provide your area of interest and once again please remember that the topics are not limited to what we have listed.

Contributors will also accumulate certification credits.

Professor Iqbal Khan

Centennial College