The Future of A.I. & Penetration Testing      July 29, 2020 –  4:15 PM – 4:55 PM

Artificial Intelligence is creating significant impacts on many aspects of business. As is cybersecurity – or the lack of it. Every day the news is peppered with reports of data breaches, phishing, and ransomware attacks. All at a significant cost to business. Data suggests that cybercrime cost businesses over $2 trillion in total in 2019 (Juniper). And the bad actors increased their activities during the COVID19 lockdown when many organizations were even more vulnerable.

Join our A.I. experts to explore the challenges of applying A.I. to something as complex as cybersecurity – specifically Penetration Testing. The fact that a pen test can now be run every time any significant changes are made to your network transforms cybersecurity and allows an organization to understand where they are vulnerable, and where they may require investment and technical attention to reduce the number of successful cyber attacks of all kinds.


Xristos Silaidis
President & CEO, Ezotech
Mike Picard
Founder & CTO at EzoTech Inc.
Derek Lackey, CIPM
Managing Director, Newport Thomson

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