Privacy Moving Forward       July 29, 2020, 10:40 AM-11:30 AM

COVID19 has impacted many areas of our lives and why should privacy be an exception? Join our expert panel as they examine why privacy is never a matter of convenience – that it cannot change based on circumstances. Indeed, in order to be effective in the long term, it is critical that during these times, that privacy frameworks are enforced and maintained. This is when we need them the most.

As we awake from this initial lockdown period we enter a new chapter in business and technology. Does it change the way we look at privacy and data protection? Has this quarantine period had a positive or negative impact on privacy and data protection? Where do we go from here and why is it important in our business environment? Join our expert panel as Bashir Fancy moderates this important session.  

Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Executive Director at Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre
Derek Lackey
Managing Director, Newport Thomson
Carole Piovesan
Partner and Co-Founder of INQ Data Law
Bashir Fancy
President, Co-Founder, BIZTEK

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