Data Security What’s in Store for Us?        July 29, 2020  11:40AM-12:30PM

There is not a day go by that we do not hear about a data breach.  An incredible amount of data about Canadian citizens is being collected by Organizations.  More data is collected than actually needed by Organizations.  Why? What is the purpose of such a collection of such data? Do Organizations protect individual’s data?  Are they monetizing this data?  We know Facebook is doing that, what about others?  Is the approach to security in Organizations adequate?  Is the problem even understood in the corner suite and by the individuals who have the responsibility?  Is the silo mentality and culture of Organizations contributing to the problem and minimizing the success of preventing data breaches? 

We know the fast pace of technology changes and innovations has created skills gaps.  Are organizations dealing with these issues effectively?   We have learned from experience that many organizations are keen to become compliant on paper, but we also know that compliance does not equal security, the way we are dealing with it. 

We also that poor privacy actually contribute to data breaches, so how are linking the two?

PIPEDA was created to protect citizens’ personal information and perhaps was ahead of its time 20 years ago.  It is a different issue now.  Why has the Government not stepped up to overhaul the standard and empower the privacy commissioner to take tough action against people/organizations who are negligent? 

Tougher action is required against the Organization who flout all the rules and sell data as Facebook has done without any recourse.  Is the Government looking for perfection, rather than progress, hence the delay in legislation?  Is the confusion caused because there is a debate between protecting individuals’ data vs. inconvenience to Business?  There should be no confusion.  There is only one consideration and the only stakeholder, as the EU has already demonstrated through GDPR – Canadian Government needs to only think about one stakeholder – Canadian citizens and protecting their information and we will get a resolution very quickly.  The panel will examine these issues and more.

Chris Anderson
Vice President Cyber Security at BlackBerry
Patrick Naoum
Executive Vice-President, ESI Technologies
Bashir Fancy
President & Founder, Biztek

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