CEO Keynote Roundtable     July 29, 2020, 09:20-10:40

With social distancing, staff working at home and the whole impact of COVID19, getting back to business as usual, may not be as usual as we knew it. With the impact on supply and demand, any Economist who tells you they know what it will look like is at best “throwing a dart at the dartboard.” There are some “back to the basics”, however –  things every business person can explore to once again put them in touch with their consumers.

If ever there was an opportunity to question everything and create zero-based strategies and budgets, it is now. Coming out of this lockdown makes almost every business a start-up and we are going to have to learn to think like one if we want to be successful.

How we respond to these new challenges will not only ensure our survival but also ensure our success.  It will also propel those companies who re-imagine and do the right things into leadership roles within their industry sectors.  While these challenges are severe, they have also created new opportunities if we are willing to recognize and size on them.  How we respond to it, will decide our future.  These leaders have been through challenges and successfully built their business as well as navigated difficult times.  Let them share their insights with you.  Don’t miss this Panel!


John Ruffolo
Cofounder and Vice Chairman - Council of Canadian Innovators
Peter Schwartz
Executive Chairman – Kognitiv
Samir Zabaneh
Moneris, Heartland, First Data
Greg Rokos
CEO of ESI Technologies

… as they discuss a few ideas that may give you a good fresh starting point that will help expedite your business’ recovery period once we are all back to work. Details of a few good business basics. What the panel is seeing – what is working in the marketplace as we begin to emerge.

Some sound advice from Canada’s leading business minds.

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