The Future of Business & Technology

Agenda for the Day

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09:00-09:20 – Keynote Opening Address by John Ruffolo (opening remarks combined with CEO Keynote Roundtable)

09:20-10:40 – CEO Keynote Round Table  – John Ruffolo/Peter Schwartz/Greg Rokos/Samir Zabaneh

10:40-11:30 – Privacy Moving Forward – Ann Cavoukian/Derek Lackey/Carole Piovesan  (Moderator – Bashir Fancy)

11:30-11:40 – Coffee Break

11:40-12:30 – Data Security What’s In Store for Us? – Cat Coode/Chris Anderson/Patrick Naoum   – Bashir Fancy – moderator

12:30-13:15 – Lunch – Restarting Business –   Robert H. Lane

13:15- 14:00 – Compliance After COVID19 – Deborah Evans Chief Privacy Officer, Rogers, Sylvia Kingsmill National Partner, Regulatory, Privacy and Information Managment, Risk Consulting, KPMG, Derek Lackey, Moderator

14:00-14:45 – Internal Audit’s Role in Business  – Bashir Fancy/Chris Anderson

14:45-15:45 – Risk Management Going Forward  – Dragica Grbavac   – Bashir Fancy -Moderator

15:45- 16:15 – Cyber Terrorism: Today and Tomorrow – Dr. Mohamed El-Guindy/Bashir Fancy

16:15-16:55 – The Future of A.I. & Penetration Testing  – Xristos Silaidis, CEO, Ezotech, Mike Picard CTO, Founder, Ezotech – Derek Lackey, Moderator

16:55 – 17:00 – Closing Remarks – Bashir Fancy/Derek Lackey


What you will learn:

The business and technology world had changed substantially, yet we continue to conduct business in the same old way.   A significant pace of technology changes, that most of us cannot comprehend has created skills gaps and this was prior to the COVID 19 crisis.  Now with COVID 19, we have moved into unchartered territory and businesses will need to think differently to address their customer’s needs.

That means Security, Privacy, Compliance, Risk Management, and Internal Auditing will take on different meanings if businesses are going to build products and solutions, that are efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Spend the day with our speakers and your peers to explore the impacts of COVID 19 on business and technology going forward. The opportunities that lay before us may indeed be far more significant than we think at first blush, but as we unpack these topics, a theme may appear.   Many wise business leaders have believed for years that PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY must be aligned, as they are key for success in business.    It is even more important now than ever, that the culture of the Organization must change too.   When designing our policies and procedures, we somehow have the tendency to forget all this.

The Business & Technology Professional Association of Canada (BIZTEK) management understands that real change – long term, sustainable change – requires a new context and we are committed to bringing that to technology and business.  This is an extremely critical time in Canada and the world and how we deal with these challenges/opportunities will determine Canada’s place in the world.

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