Time:  1:45 PM – 2:45 PM                                                                               

Moderator:  Bashir Fancy

Panel:   Chris Anderson, Sire Mathews, Mohamed El-Guindy

There is not a day go by that we do not hear of serious data breaches around and both Canada and the USA are on the wrong end of it.  Is it because of us not spending enough?  Is it because we are not equipped with the right skills and structured effectively to defend our security?  We believe we through a lot of money on tools, without understanding what is the problem and that we may not have the right skills that the Organized crime and State players are very well equipped.

We will examine the key issues and explore how Corporations, individuals, and the Government can protect itself


Chris Anderson
Principal at Castlekeep Inc.

Chris is a business and IT Governance, Risk, and Controls Leader with significant professional services and corporate experience in technology, telecommunications, financial services industries, as well as other sectors.  From 2014 to 2017, he was VP Risk at Rogers Communications, where he championed the overall business risk management mandate, and partnered with senior business leaders to improve short and long-term performance. 

Prior to Rogers Communications, Chris was a Partner at Grant Thornton for 10 years, and a Partner at Ernst & Young for 7 years, leading sales and practice development, and delivering high quality business and IT risk, controls, cyber security and assurance services.  Chris is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange.  From 2009 to 2017, Chris was a member of the Information Management and Technology Advisory Committee (IMTAC) of CPA Canada. 

Dr. Mohamed El-Guindy
Cyber Terrorism Expert

Mohamed El-Guindy is a leading cyber security expert in the Middle East. He works as a cybercrime researcher, cyber terrorism expert, and consultant for international organizations and his work on cybercrime has been cited in several international publications.

Dr. El-Guindy is a Cyber security and Cybercrime consultant to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC-ROMENA) delivering training to Law Enforcement and Intelligence Departments. Furthermore, he works as Cybercrime Expert at Faculty of Law, the British University in Egypt. Mohamed is the president of ISSA chapter in Egypt and frequent speaker at national and international conferences. He was invited by the Egyptian Military to deliver speech in front of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Mohamed represents Egypt in UNESCO International conferences and participated in drafting UNESCO IFAP declarations.

Currently, he presents a Technology TV Show called “Tech Talk” on (Al Kahera Wal Nas), in which he delivered over 180 episodes tackled variety of technical and scientific topics. Dr. El-Guindy works also as an assessor at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in the UK, visiting lecturer at Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Defense in Egypt. Mohamed is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in the UK and member of several international organisations related to technology and engineering: Senior Member of ISSA, Senior Member of IEEE, Member of World Economic Forum Expert Network, Member of the Institute of Science and Technology – UK, Ambassador to the Society for Computers and Law –UK, Member of Council of Europe’s Octopus Cybercrime Community, Member of International Association for Crime Analysts-USA, Member of the International Association of Engineers. In addition to teaching and consulting work, Mohamed is publishing and supervising technical papers and book chapters on cybercrime and cyber terrorism.  In addition to a doctorate in IT, Dr. Mohamed holds qualifications from reputable UK institutions, to name but few:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK
  • Chartered Scientist, the Science Council UK
  • Chartered Fellowship, The Chartered Institute for IT, UK
  • Chartered Engineer, the Engineering Council UK
  • Chartered IT Professional, the Chartered Institute for IT, UK

Speech in front of the president: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZs4ecVCd3w (Arabic)
For English description: https://istonline.org.uk/resources/the-publications/the-newsletter-no-16/invitation-by-the-president-of-egypt-2/

Sire Mathew
Bashir Fancy
Founder & CEO - BIZTEK

Bashir Fancy is the Founder & CEO of Business & Technology Professionals' Association of Canada (BIZTEK) – a NOT for Profit, partner with SFIA Foundation, BCS that provides education, training, mentoring, exams, certification of Business & Technology professionals. BIZTEK brings both business and technology in today’s world where the pace of technology changes and innovation is happening at a lightning pace, creating skills gaps.   Bashir sits on the Board of ICCP and other Advisory Boards, led the cybersecurity task force in Canada, and is former Chairman and CEO of CIPS National Board and CIPS Ontario.

Bashir, Fancy was the Executive Vice President - Risk Management & Security for Visa International and also the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa International. He headed Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada.  Bashir was the Vice President, Card Payment Services for SNS (initially became known as Emergis and now merged into Telus). He has held Senior Management positions at Citibank, Air Canada, and also as Senior Executive Advisor For Deloitte and Grant Thornton.  Bashir is Senior Executive with extensive Financial, Risk Management, Security, Operations, IT, Internal Audit, Governance, Customer Service, Product Management & Business Development experience in financial, credit card, airline, third party processing, and retail business, identifying root causes and taking a holistic view.  He provides these services to Corporations in Canada and globally