TIME:  3.25 PM – 4:20 PM

The significant pace of technology changes has exposed the skills gaps amongst other things.  For Canada to survive, thrive, and lead, we must deal with the skills gaps.  We need to address these challenges differently to ensure that we understand the root causes and deploy critical thinking.  This requires that we address the “Why” and adopt lateral thinking.  We are good at doing the “What”.  Our expert International Panel has done precisely that very successfully.  There is still a lot of work to be done as many other weaknesses have been exposed recently.   These experts will share their thoughts on how best we should proceed.

Panel:   Prof. Arvind Gupta (UoT and CEO of Palette),  Ian Seward (Head of SFIA Foundation UK), and Candice Faktor (C0-Founder Mastermind, Managing Partner -Gamechanger.co

Moderator:  Bashir Fancy (CEO of Business & Technology Professionals” Association of Canada (BIZTEK)