TIME: 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM  –  January 21, 2021                                                                                                                         

The Business & Technology Professionals’ Association of Canada (BIZTEK) – www.biztek.org, is a Federal “non-Profit “organization.  We are about Training, Certifications, with emphasis on Ethics, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning, Thought Leadership, soft skills, Mentoring, and more.  We are here to help Canadians and anyone who would like to take advantage of what we are offering. We are entirely staffed by volunteers.  BIZTEK consists of a Board/Advisory Board, which is comprised of accomplished leading CEOs and leaders from all around Canada and the world.  We also have Canadian leaders on The BIZTEK THINKUBATOR™. These founding BIZTEK THINKUBATORS have outstanding accomplishments to their names.  We are privileged to have their guidance.  BIZTEK has partnered with major International Certification Organizations.
COVID19 exposed weaknesses and amplified them.  Small businesses and businesses in general are struggling to survive. Governments face tremendous pressure as their revenues have eroded but expenses have increased resulting from having to fund Hospitals, subsidize businesses, support Canadians in need, and much more.
Our expert speakers and panelists will share with you why Canada has an opportunity to re-think and re-imagine their businesses.
The significant pace of technology changes has exposed the skills gaps, deficit of Ethics, poor governance, and oversight, etc. Our supply chains have also been exposed.  We are ill-prepared to deal with cybersecurity challenges. How Data, Data privacy, and security of that data is managed, mismanaged, or abused will and is having a significant impact on our future.  Our talented experienced leaders will share some of these challenges and the way forward.
This is an extremely critical time for “Canada and the world” and how we deal with the current crisis will go a long way to determine Canada’s place in the world.
We have assembled a line-up of impressive Canadian and International business leaders to discuss these very important issues.
Attend our online Summit on January 21, 2021, and hear Peter Schwartz- Founder & Executive Chairman -Kognitiv, Bruce Croxon (Round 13 Capital | TV Co-host), The Disruptors), Kirstine Stewart (World Economic Forum/Davos), Former First Vice President of the International Criminal Court (The Hague, Netherlands), Javade Chaudhri (Jones Day) Laura Tuell (Jones Day/Georgetown Univ), Ian Seward -Head of SFIA Foundation, Prof Arvind Gupta (UofT & CEO at Palette), Tariq Fancy (Rumie Initiative, Chris Anderson (Blackberry), Sire Mathews (EU – Award-winning Cybersecurity expert), Dr. Mohamed El-Guindy (ISA, Office of the PM Egypt), Yasmin Merali (President at Pluralism Performance Inc), We are awaiting confirmation from a CEO on the Collaboration and the also the Keynote address.