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Do we understand challenges caused by DNS?

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Enterprise Digital Identity: Earning and Keeping Customer TRUST In this session, I discuss with Peter Lamantia about the enterprise digital identity security and compliance exposures related to domains and DNS networks today. We discussed how the brands are evolving with automation systems and the adoption of TRUSTED brand authentic spaces. Enterprise DNS Network Management Security Risks and Compliance Gaps. Domain and related external DNS networks are the foundation of every enterprise’s digital footprint. It is on these networks where enterprises engage with audiences and deliver services to customers. However, enterprise domain and related DNS network integrity is increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals. IT teams are having a very difficult time getting and keep control of their external DNS networks. Most organizations operate with legacy domain and DNS mindsets, are siloed in operations, utilize multiple disconnected systems, and continue to manage domains and DNS with antiquated manual processes that cannot be controlled effectively. We discuss the security risks and associated compliance gaps. Why does it continue to occur this way? What is going on inside the enterprise and how some enterprises are addressing these problems with modern automation control systems which address DNS security risks. meets the policy and compliance requirements. It is critical to mitigate security risks, whilst reducing your total cost of ownership. This is yet another “Fancy That – Conversations that change our World” session and took place on Thursday, September 24th September at 09:30 am EST



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