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Customer-first Compliance Strategies: Why It Is Important

1 Mins read

Customer-First Compliance Strategies – September 10, 2020, 10:00am EST

Deborah Evans, Chief Privacy Officer of Rogers Communications discusses Customer-first compliance strategies going forward. She shares with bashir Fancy, why she believes this approach, is critical to the brand. The role of compliance has been changing and has become more pro-active involving many moving parts.

Bashir and Deborah will have a frank discussion about the bottom line of compliance. If you are taking actions to take great care of your customer, you are likely going to be close to compliance.  After all, most data protection and spam laws are simply looking for organizations to be customer-first in their approach.

Deborah will pick up from her narrative during the the Future of Business and Technology” Summit – July 29, 2020.  She will also strive to  answer your questions regarding compliance strategies. Please send them to in advance.  Or you can enter them when the webinar is in progress.



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