We are BIZTEK and we are committed to certifying the best and the brightest in Canada. We partner with the best in the world such as British Computer Society, SFIA, ICCP and Australian Computer Society. Our members keep abreast of changing practices, technology and trends.

Today’s world relies heavily on technology to perform vital personal, public and business functions. It is imperative that individuals involved in the design and delivery of technology:

  • uphold ethical practices;
  • master the body of knowledge of the profession;
  • ensure that access to computerized information remains secure;
  • continuous learning to address the skills gap
  • provide open and complete communications to clients, employers and the public;
  • act to ensure that information technology serves and benefits society at large.

​An BIZTEK designation ensures that its holder is committed to these principles.

Certifications for your business professionals

Blockchain Certifications
Big Data Professional (CBDP)
Certified Data Professional (CDP)
Cyber Security Professional (CSP)
Data Governance & Stewardship Professional (DGSP)
Certified Data Scientist (CDS)
Public Sector Data Governance Professional (PSDGP)

More Certifications
Associate Computing Professional
Associate Computer Scientist
Certified Computer Scientist
Certified IT Consultant
Certified IT Professional
Information Systems Analyst

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