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Building For a Collaborative Future. The Next Generation of Commerce

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Our world of Business is changing fast.  Those days of going it alone are behind us and collaboration is going to be critical and way forward.   Coronavirus exposed many weaknesses and redundancies as well.  It has also been changing our buying habits.  Businesses especially in e-commerce deal with it and ensure their survival and success.  We had an excellent conversation, where Lin articulated why Businesses/Brands need to re-think their approach and start to get into a collaborative mode in order to survive and thrive.  Here the whole conversation below

Our speaker:  Lin Classon

Lin is a proven strategist and creative problem-solver you can trust in ‘the room where it happens.’ With more than two decades of experience in multidisciplinary research, strategy development, and execution, Lin excels in synthesizing data into knowledge, driving shared understanding and a course of action and delivering results. Analytical and empathetic, she has a unique ability to build consensus and lead cross-functional teams to take calculated risks and drive innovation. Her employers include Google, McKinsey and United Airlines.

Lin was named to Crain’s Tech 50 List and an Illinois Technology Association CityLIGHTS Awards for Prominent Woman in Tech Finalist.


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