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An Early Assessment of our Proposed New Privacy Laws

1 Mins read

With an initial impression of Bill C-11:  it is a series of 1/2 measures designed to “sort of” protect citizen’s personal information, while making it “manageable” for most businesses. This bill appears to be our government’s attempt to please all – and in the process may please no one. Some say this means it is a well crafted piece of legislation. Fact is there will be much to-and-fro before this becomes a law – if it ever does.

In a Fancy That! Conversations That Change our World, Bashir Fancy and Derek Lackey unpack some of the key areas. In no way does this represent a complete analysis of Bill C-11, but it starts with some questions that are right there on the surface. As we dig a little deeper and learn more about this government’s intent, there will be much more analysis to come.

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