Why we exist

BIZTEK brings ETHICS to business & technology while helping professionals understand technology’s role in business.  Our Board of Directors are excited to bring you the opportunity to get involved in making a significant difference for our:


Existing workforce,


Communities, Provinces, and our Country. 

BIZTEK invites all the interested parties to join us in this critical effort to make a difference and protect our future. ETHICS matter – in life and in business.


Let’s look at some of the challenges we are all facing in business & technology:

  • biztekTechnology is moving ahead at a lightning pace and the pace of innovation is accelerating.
  • Corporations cannot compromise their mission and goals as they deal with their infrastructure, costs and skills availability. They remain relevant and successful as they adapt to the rapid technological changes in their marketplace.
  • Businesses have outsourced key areas of their systems and operation. Outsourcing can reduce needed skills within the Organization, but risk an increasing reliance on outsource vendors who have their own objectives may not be congruent with their culture.
  • Organizations strive to continually improve their stakeholder value. They are often short-sighted choosing cost reductions to produce short term returns. These decisions may risk unintended long-term consequences.
  • This expedient approach may prevent Enterprise-wide review and commitment.  The existing silos often encumber progress rather than contributing to it. How often do we begin business strategies with creating a complete understanding of current needs and sustainable future?
  • Many organizations believe that technology will solve everything. Technology accelerates the effect of corporate actions, both good and bad. Technology is an enabler.
  • The Organizational CULTURE must be able to rapidly integrate new ideas and processes while taking advantage of relevant technologies.  Up-to-date skills, supported by agile rules and ethical processes will support the future success of corporations. Consider how advances in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics will intensify these challenges, threatening workforce displacements, unless managed effectively, with ETHICS at the forefront.
  • The workforce is aging and significant experience and knowledge are suddenly lost. BIZTEK’s mentoring program will assist in facilitating / bridging the necessary knowledge transfer and teaching the importance of ETHICS in business & technology. This will include all stakeholders from Universities, Colleges, Schools and Communities to Corporations and Governments.  
  • We will also urgently address Soft Skills. Certifications often focus on simply understanding the technologies. We offer Professional Designations using SFIA standards to emphasize soft skills along with technical knowledge.
  • Studies show that the young entrants are having significant challenges. They may not have been prepared for the real world. (e.g. Cyber Security: It can threaten the survival of an Organization).  BIZTEK intends to deploy a “Taste of the Real World ©” Articling program. We must eliminate the fallacy that technology is the solution to everything in business.
  • BIZTEK recognizes that all organizations have knowledge/skill silos. Hosting seminars and brainstorming sessions across silos BIZTEK will encourage information sharing, respecting the organization’s particular “firewall rules”.

What Organizations Need:

Organizations need an ability to cope. They need to stay ahead and create opportunities to deal with these evolving challenges.

How do we create innovation? How do we utilize our existing work force and integrate new employees?   

There are many Associations that provide very specialized certifications for a specific area i.e. Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Blockchain, etc.  Knowing and understanding one area of technology does not automatically translate into understanding what the business needs are or how a technology applies to a business.  And there is no guarantee of the level of understanding that exists with various designations. 

BIZTEK Professionals’ Association of Canada (BIZTEK) believes some of the key elements crucial for a successful outcome require addressing these challenges.   BIZTEK draws on people with exceptional talents /experiences from the corporate world and Academia. Our advisory council members cover a broad range of extensive business and technology backgrounds. 

BIZTEK takes pride to create, evaluate existing Bodies of Knowledge (BOK) and we develop / upgrade Professional Designations on a regular basis.

Our Code of Ethics

We have adopted the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (2018). (Adapted with authority from the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.   

Copyright (c) 2018 by the Association for Computing Machinery and Copyright (c) 2019 by the Business & Technology Professional Association Canada Inc.

We need to:

  • Not reinvent the wheel and work closely with Universities/Colleges and Schools to ensure our certifications are current and update those exams as required
  • Seek input and involvement from Universities, Colleges, Corporations and the Government to ensure that their current and future needs are addressed in the BIZTEK evaluation/certification
  • Ensure BIZTEK certification address member needs to understand both business and technology.
  • Implement Mentoring Programs that address both areas identified above and include soft skills to address the challenges of today and the future
  • BIZTEK believes in continuous Learning/ education and that there is no substitute for it.
    • Hold regular online webinars led by experts from around the world
    • Speak and offer training seminars at Universities/Colleges/School/Corporations
    • Participate at Corporate events, Meetings and Conferences
    • Enable Members to engage in brainstorming and other online discussions, enabling senior people to share their knowledge and experience for the betterment of all.
    • Develop an articling type program, not to be confused with the CO-OP program to offer Students practical experience in the real business world and expose the existing workforce to new technics, methodologies and business understanding on ongoing basis.
    • Bridging the skills gaps, changing the culture and improving outcomes.
  • BIZTEK will partner with Universities/Colleges who will conduct these training as they are best equipped to do so with BIZTEK or outstanding professionals’ assistance as needed.
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools, Corporate World, Communities and the Government all have an important stake and a role to play. BIZTEK will carefully listen and respond, making sure the BOKs and Certifications remain dynamic and reflect current reality. By re-certifying professionals on a regular basis, we will assist in creating the workforce of the future.